Temporary Hiatus & Life Update!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Well I am really sorry to say that I will be going on a temporary hiatus started today. Unfortunately I will be having surgery pretty soon but not just one surgery but two different surgery in different months. What do I mean you say well I start at the very  beginning of my story. Around late spring early summer of this year I started having pains on both of my ankles and my ankles were really swollen too. Being me I didn't say anything to my parents because I thought it was nothing bad, so one day my uncle notice that I was limping while I was walking. So naturally my mother thought it was my right knee acting up again which I had two surgery on my right knee already. So one day my mother ask me if my rt knee is bothering me again and I ask her why she is asking that she than say's to me, because she see's me limping while I was walking all the time. So I finally told her the truth that it wasn't my knee that was bothering me it was both of my ankles. So of course she got mad at me that I didn't say anything to her about both of my ankles, and she told me too immediately called my general doctor. Of course I called my general doctor right away, so when I saw my doctor he decided to do two x-rays on both my ankles and feet too see what is going on with them. He told me it was probably a heel  bone spur but he wanted to make sure if he was right or not. So flash forward into two weeks when I got my x-rays all done and everything I went back to my general doctor but this time my mom accompany me to the doctors. When the doctors saw the x-rays and report I just know it was not good news because how his face reacted when he first saw the reports and x-rays. You see he was right that I did have a bone spur but not on my heels but on both of my achilles heels. Which it is the worst spot to have a bone spur at my general doctor told me for the very start there are no remedy's I mean totally nothing that will help me with my pain, discomfort and swollen of my ankles but surgery. So he sent me too a foot and ankle doctors who specialize on what I have on both of my achilles heels. The foot and ankle doctor try first with me with physical therapy first and see if that would help so I wouldn't have to do surgery, but guess what I went to do physical therapy for almost three weeks. But the pain and discomfort was just too much and the pain got much worst after each time I went to physical therapy. So my physical therapist sent me back to my foot and ankle doctor. And when I saw him that's where we decided surgery was the best and only option I can go with. So now I will be having surgery done on one foot pretty soon and than when I fully recover for that surgery I will have surgery done on my other foot done as well. Now the recovery time for this type of surgery will be 3 to 6 months. Now that's why I am going on a temporary hiatus, because I will be recover at my parents house which unfortunately my parents don't have no internet so I will be completely offline totally when I am recovery from both surgery. I will post a few things here and there on my social media sites and probably on my blogs if I can, but it is a big IF that I can get back online. But I would probably just post only books reviews on here for the time being until I can fully get back to blogging again. I will most diffidently will continue on reading books, in matter of fact I pick a lot of books on my tbr list that I am taking with me too my parents house to read. I will miss all of you my friends and I will totally miss blogging while I am recovery for surgery. I will be thinking about you all as well. Well wish me luck and please pray for me that everything will go smoothly and well in my surgery!