Review: Taken by Felicia Starr

Friday, February 27, 2015


You must betray your heart and walk amongst the darkness in order to find the truest light.

Opening her eyes to an imposing prison of complete darkness, Kasha is accused of possessing powers and abilities she had no previous knowledge of until the moment she comes face to face with herself while meditating. Haunted by memories strung together by lies and deceit, she soon discovers that maybe her beloved grandmother kept a few secrets she hadn't been aware of. Secrets that could be her salvation... or her undoing.

As she struggles to control her newfound powers, only time will tell if they will be enough to help her decipher who has imprisoned her or what they want from her. She must search for the answers and the freedom she so desperately desires.

Could a handsome guy who vows to help her get away prove to be the man of her dreams... or perhaps her worst nightmare? Not knowing who to trust, she must find a way to escape before she pays the ultimate price and finds herself taken by the darkness.


Breaking The Darkness # 1

Author: Felicia Starr

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

Published: December 3 2013 by Createspace

Format: Mobi

Rating: 4/5

My Thoughts

I was given this book by the author in exchanged for a honest review. Thank you so much to Felicia Starr

I went into Taken totally blind I had no idea what this amazing book was about. I actually thought it was a whitches book but it was more than that. I won't go into too much details about it. But Taken is full of mystery, suspense and paranormal action. There is a love triangle in it but it does not solely focused on it. I really loved and enjoyed that aspect of Taken. It starts of with Kasha waking up in complete darkness and locked up in a cell. She does not know who or why they kidnapped her or how she got taken in the first place. Until one day while she was mediated she come face to face with herself which she thought she just imagined it but that's until she met with one of her captives the vindictive and evil Ziona. And that when Kasha fond out why they kidnapped her and that they were waited for her to come to her powers and abilities.  She thought they were all crazy and she said to Ziona that she was no one special just a normal collage girl trying to make a living with out her beloved Gram. But soon Kasha discover the newfond powers that she is struggling with, and that her Gram kept a few secrets that she was not aware of secrets that could save her or be her undoing. And here is where I am going to leave it off at I really loved and enjoyed Taken that I can't wait to read the next book Betrayed after that cliffhanger in Taken. I just need more to see what happens next. Well Untill Next Time My Friends!


About Author Felicia Starr

Author Felicia Starr lives five miles from her favorite Jersey Shore destination with her amazingly supportive family. She loves to spend time creating special memories with her husband and two young boys
Everyone expected her first publication to be a cookbook, but her love for writing has surpassed her love for cooking.

Felicia graduated magna cum laude from Kean University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a post baccalaureate in elementary education. She is a licensed real estate sales person, a certified yoga instructor, and most importantly, a stay-at-home mom.

The Friday 56 # 1 - Jack & Djinn by Jasinda Wilder

The Friday 56 is a weekly meme hosted by Freda at  Freda's Voice. If you like to join in every Friday the rules are simple. 


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" She felt something inside her tear open. She had to stop this, had to keep anyone else from getting hurt because of her. " ( 57% Mobi )

"Waiting On" Wednesday # 1 - Naughty King by Michelle A. Valentine

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill At Breaking The Spine  that spotlights upcoming releases that we are eagerly anticipating. 

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This week WOW is:

Title: Naughty King ( A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale #1 )

Author: Michelle A. Valentine

Publication Date: March 17, 2015

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The King Always Gets His Way.
Women, business, pleasure: When I want it, I get it.
I’m never denied.
Including her.
I will break her. 
I will show her who the king of this city really is. 
The Feisty Princess of Manhattan will learn I am not a man that can be tempted.
No matter how fucking bad I want her in my bed.

Why I 'm Waiting

I've been dying to read a Michelle A.Valentine book ever since I met her last year she really is an amazing person and Author and now I am going too meet her again this year in the summer I want to try to to start of with her Black Falcon series to prepare for Naughty King it just looks and sounds fantastic!

What's Your WOW Pick This Week?

Review: Jack And Djinn by Jasinda Wilder

Monday, February 23, 2015


Miriam's life is a hot mess. Ben won’t let her go and she knows she can’t take anymore. She simply will not and cannot withstand another insult, another drunken rage, another blow. But she has nowhere to go, no one to help her. 

One night, Ben’s alcohol-fueled abuse explodes hotter than it ever has before, and Miriam isn’t sure she’ll survive it this time.

Then Miriam meets Jack. Sweet, handsome, brave, and totally unafraid of the strange and often scary things that have begun happening whenever Miriam’s emotions run high.

As things between Miriam and Jack heat up, so does Ben’s jealous rage, as well as the mysterious fire that seems to burn hotter and hotter inside Miriam. She quickly discovers two things: one, that she has a lot more power and strength hidden within herself than she’d ever imagined, and two, that Jack's gentle, unwavering love can heal a lifetime of wounds and scars.

Will they survive to explore all that could be between them?

Jack And Djinn

The Houri Lengends # 1

Author: Jasinda Wilder

Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance

Published: June 19, 2014

Format: Mobi

Rating: 4/5

My Thoughts

I received this book by the author in exchanged for an honest review. Thank you so much to Jasinda Wilder. 

Wow just wow I finally read my first Jasinda Wilder book and I really really loved and enjoyed it. This is my first Djinn book that I have ever read. This amazing book have two different povs  which did not bother me at all one pov is in the present time and the other pov is in a month in the past. I am not going too go into too much details about this amazing book but I will tell you. That I loved just everything about this book and Jasinda just nailed it in the head with Jack and Djinn. It also help me learn a little bit more about domestic abuse in a relationship. I didn't understand why would Miriam would stay in a abusive relationship with a crazy, vindictive and cold hearted man like Ben that only used and abuse her. I also used to think that Miriam was also weak. But no that was not the case for Miriam the more I read about her the more I understood and connected with her more. You see Miriam has a lot of issues in her life her father past away in front of her when she was only 11 years old and her cold hearted mother who did not show an ounce of love or care for Miriam since she was a kid. She only thought of Miriam as a nuisance for her. She abandoned Miriam when she was only 16 years old. Miriam was a broken, lonely, upset, hurt and most of all a angry girl who was struggle to make a life for herself alone. And of course with all those issues she had she attracted jerks for boyfriends and she was so used to terrible relationships like Ben she thought she didn't deserve any better. But than she met Jack when he saved her from one of Ben abusive attacks on her. Jack really showed her what pure love, family and understanding really is. Little by little Miriam let her wall come down from her heart and she fell in love with Jack. But Miriam still know that Ben would not give up on her and she had to understand more about where the magic and power she had within her came from. And Miriam would soon find out the hard way who she truly is. And that's where I am going to leave it off at. All and all Jack and Djinn was an amazing read for me that I can't wait to read Djinn and Tonic next! Well Untill Next Time My Friends!


About  Author Jasinda Wilder

NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, WALL STREET JOURNAL and international bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. Her bestselling titles include ALPHA, STRIPPED, WOUNDED, and the #1 Amazon and international bestseller FALLING INTO YOU. You can find her on her farm in Northern Michigan with her husband, author Jack Wilder, her five children and menagerie of animals.

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Top 5 Sundays # 1

Top 5 Sundays is a weekly blog  meme created by Larissa at Larissa & Friends Bookish Life

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The Theme For Today Is: Urban Fantasy Books I'm Dying For 2015!

 All of the books on my list are new authors that I want to start too read soon and are on my TBR pile. 

Title: The Book Of Shade ( Shadeborn # 1 )

Author: K.C. Finn

Published Expected: March 21, 2015 by Starstorm

This one sounds so interesting and intriguing with a hit of magic in it and so much more!

Title: Hidden Deep ( The Hidden Trilogy # 1 )

Author: Amy Patrick

Published Expected: March 23, 2015 by Oxford South Press

Ryann recently moves back to her childhood home in rural Mississippi, the same place where ten years ago she become lost in the woods one freezing night and nearly died but a mysterious boy who saved her life that night and disappear when rescuers find her. Now she is still irresistible drawn to the wood but she encounters again the mysterious boy all grown up and gorgeous!

Title: Recurve ( The Elemental Series # 1 )

Author: Shannon Mayer

Published Expected: March 31, 2015 by HiJinks Ink Publishing . Ltd.

"My name is Larkspur, and I am an Elemental.” 

My people use the power of the earth to sustain life and defy our enemies. I should be at my father's side as a royal princess. But as a half-breed, bastard child, that isn't going to happen.

Title: Omega ( War Of The Alphas # 1)

Author: S.M. Reine

Published Expected: April 2, 2015 by Red Iris Books

Deirdre Tombs died and the next day she was was reborn as an shape shifter, but a shape shifter that can not shift shape. Nobody knows what animal she supposed to be. Now Deirdre is consider to be an Omega, the weakest shape shifter in the pack. 

Title: Monsters Of Pittsburgh ( Omnibus Edition)

Author: Kate Whitaker

Published Expected: April 4 , 2015 by Crismson Heart Publication

I don't want too give a synopsis of this book because it is part of the series and I do want to read the first book of this series it just looks and sounds fantastic monsters in Pittsburgh yup sign me up to read it soon. 

Review: The Prince Search by Amanda Kay

Saturday, February 21, 2015


**Mature Audiences** 

Every girl dreams of finding her very own prince and Tai thinks she has done just that with the sexy and sultry Raiden. The only downfall to Raiden is she knows he hasn't told her everything. 
What happens when Prince Charming is actually a vampire? A prince, but a vampire. Can Tai stand by Raiden and end her Prince Charming search or will fear drive her away?

The Prince Charming Search

The Search # 1

Author: Amanda Kay

Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance

Published: August 23, 2014 by Kingsnake Publishing

Format: Paperback

Rating: 4/5

My Thoughts

Re-Read it and I highly loved and enjoyed it the second time around I had to changed it to a 4 stars! I still had some issues with it but it is a really really good book!

I had the pleasure to have met Amanda Kay at a book author signing near at were I live at. She was the most sweetest and nicest person too talk too. When she told me that her books were about paranormal werewolves, vampires and etc I just had to get some of her books because I just love me some paranormal books. So I thought I should start off with The Prince Charming Search for my first time reading her book. I really did like and enjoyed it a lot but this one was not my favorite book of hers. Don't get me wrong this is a really really good book I loved her characters, the plot, the writing style and the emotion in the book, but I had three major issues in this book. I don't want too go into too much details about the 3 major issues I had with this book. But I will keep it short and say that it was a bit slow for me in the beginning of the book,  it had a few errors in it and the instinct love yea I really didn't like that but I totally understand the whole soul mate love so it really didn't bother me too much. Other than that I really did like and enjoyed The Prince Charming Search that I will continue reading this series and other books that Amanda Kay has written. I have her whole shapeshifter and werewolf trilogy and I can't wait to get into those books! Well Until Next Time My Friends!


About Author Amanda Kay 

Name: Amanda Kay

I am a Paranormal/Fantasy Adult Romance Author

I’m twenty-nine years old, but will be twenty-nine in May. I am a Navy Wife and a mother of two. My daughter was born December 4, 2010 and my son was born July 18, 2013. My husband and I have been married for almost seven years, but we have been together since our junior year of high school and we have known each other since 8th grade, yes a long time.

I am a Florida girl at heart, but since getting married I have lived in Washington, South Carolina, and our latest move Connecticut. I hold a B.A. in Multimedia Journalism with a minor in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida.

Writing is something I love and since I am blessed to be a stay at home mom I thought I would try my hand at getting the stories in my head out and see how far I could go. I tried a few years ago to go through a Literary Agency, but it went nowhere. The self-publishing market was just starting to get hot so I self-published two books mainly for family and friends. I then discovered the world of New Adult. I wanted to stick with my paranormal roots and began thinking up story ideas that took on not only a paranormal element, but a fantasy element as well

My Motto: Not your average Fairy Tales
So, that is me in a nutshell. I am a little crazy and simple and I love my life and my family

Review: Blood Oath by Samantha Coville

Friday, February 20, 2015


Raya Sarian has always known she was different. The water calls to her in a way that isn't human. She has seen things that would scar anyone for life. And her father has been non existent in her childhood.
Because he is a Siren.
A blood drinker.
A monster.
And now she must live with him in a world populated with enemies and dangerous friends. Can she survive the year?

Blood Oath

The Secret Of The Halflings # 1

Author: Samantha Coville

Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance

Published: April 29, 2014 by Createspace

Format: ePub

Rating: 4/5

My Thoughts

Blood Oath was my first siren book that I had ever read and I highly loved and enjoyed it. I loved everything about it especially the characters. Raya Sarian is an halfling half human half siren. Her father is a siren and leader of his siren colony, but he has not been in Raya life since she was a little child after an terrible incident that happen when she was a child. That incident scar her for life. Raya finds out on her 17th birthday that she had to go live with her father with him at his siren colony. Raya was terrified to go live with him and the sirens who she considers are murderous monster but she had no choice but to go with him because her mother made a promised with her father Christopher. Now Raya is a smart, funny but very stubborn girl who makes the dumbest mistakes and one is that her mouth always gets her into trouble. At first Raya didn't like her father and the colony when she got there plus she really didn't know what to expect how the other sirens were going to treat her. But she find out the hard way why sirens really didn't like halflings. There were still more secrets that she will find out along the way the more she stayed at the siren colony. But slowly and gradually she find some great friends, reunited with her long best friend Isaac and she even got a sexy hot siren boyfriend Drew she even got closer with her father and half brother Tayler. One day Raya aunt Elizabeth wanted to make a major deal with Raya so she can help and join her with a huge plan she had. At first Raya gut was telling her that it was really wrong to make that deal with her aunt but of course her aunt sweet talk to her into it and she decided to make the deal with her aunt. Now Raya will find out soon enough that it was the wrong and worst decision she ever made in her life. And this is we're I am going to leave it off at. All and all Blood Oath was a really great read for me that I can't wait to read the next book when it comes out! Well Untill Next Time My Friends.


About Author Samantha Coville

Samantha Coville is an editor and literary critic at her website, Sammy the Bookworm. She’s been writing short stories for six years and has appeared in magazines, both in print and online. When she’s not doing something book related, she is singing in her church choir or enjoying one of the theme parks in her home state of Florida

Review: Lauren by Julia Crane

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


A girl with a second chance. A boy with a terrible secret. When the truth is revealed, Lauren's world comes crashing down.

For once, seventeen year old lauren's life is going right. She's attending the college of her dreams, has what appears to be the perfect boyfriend, and is surrounded by her childhood friends. 

But her boyfriend, Tristan, grows more possessive by the day, and his temper is getting harder to keep in check. When lauren realizes Tristan is using her for her power, she has to make a choice: Tristan or her world.


The Keengan's Chronicles Spin-Off Series

Author: Julia Crane

Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance

Published: October 12, 2012 by Valknut Press, LLC

Format: e-book

Rating: 5/5

My Thoughts

OMGoodnessssssss I love Lauren it was so awesome I thought that Lauren was the fourth book of the spin-off of the Keegan's Chronicles but I just found out when I was reading the beginning of the book that it is the fifth book of the spin-off lol but Lauren was a great read! I was hooked from the very beginning poor poor Lauren how did she not see the warning signs that her boyfriend Tristan was not a good guy that he was a total madmen he was only using her for her powers she did see a few warnings but she didn't want to believe it she thought that Tristan really did love and care about her I felt so bad when she finally find out the truth about Tristan she was totally heart broken I was so scared that Lauren was not going to have a happy ending like her two best friend have but I was really happy that she did have a happy ending and she might have found her true love at the end of the book! I can't wait to read the spin-off of Anna which I should have read first from the spin-off books lol!


About Author Julia Crane 

Julia crane is the author of the Keegan’s Chronicles, IFICS. She has a bachelors degree in criminal justice. Julia has believed in magical creatures since the day her grandmother first told her an Irish tale. Growing up her mother greatly encouraged reading and using your imagination.

Weekly Memes

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


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