Cover Reveal: Where it All Began by JP Sayle

Monday, July 9, 2018

Title: Where it All Began
Author: JP Sayle
Genre: M/M Mystical Romance
Release Date: July 16, 2018
The King of the otherworld, Manannán, witnessing changes to how love between those who chose differently was being accepted, intervened. Wanting the world to have love and hope eternally, ensuring that soul mate connected without restrictions regardless of the person they chose to love, he created the Manx Cat Guardians.

Maximillian, born in the eleventh century King of his kind, he struggled to always follow the rules King Manannán had laid down. Given no choice about his destiny like his fellow guardians, he’d been granted a Wiccan guide to aid him.

Never having had any problems with his past charges, Maximillian finds himself struggling to get his current charge of King Óláfr the Black to accept his soul mate Magnus, a lowly servant. The connection is strong between them, but the changing times that Manannán witnessed and the introduction of Christianity had Óláfr struggling to accept his soul mate. 

Ignoring the dire warning from Christina, his Wiccan guide, about interfering, Maximillian finds himself creating ripples from his actions with untold consequences that cause devastation. Leaving him to wander this earth, his role irrevocably changed by his actions. He must now ensure promises that were made are honored, no matter the length of time that passes.
Can he help fulfill those promises made by another without breaking the rules again? Or will the souls search for love be destined to never find each other? 
Only time will tell.


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