Review: Heir to the Crown (The Doyle Hawthorne Series #3) by Ember Shane

Friday, December 29, 2017

Title: Heir to the Crown

Series: The Doyle Hawthorne Series #3

Author: Ember Shane

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal 

Publication Date: August 12th 2015

Format: Paperback

Source: I received this book by the author in exchanged for an honest review.


Doyle Hawthorne has two choices. He can sit idly by and watch his grandfather, fueled by revenge and hatred, destroy the world via a tidal wave of infection… Or he can form a temporary alliance with his nemesis in order to stop it…

Give him a minute. He’s thinking.

Heir to the Crown is the third novel in The Doyle Hawthorne Series and continues to follow Doyle and company as they navigate their way through the volatile atmosphere of royal subculture. Intended for audiences 18+ due to language and sexual content.

*** I received this book by the author in exchanged for an honest review, thank you so much to Ember Shane for the opportunity too read and review Heir To The Crown! ***

Ohh how I miss thee let me count thee ways! Yes I finally finished reading The Doyle Hawthorn Series and it was absolutely freaking amazing. I love and enjoy every last bit of this book. I am really sad too see it end. But it was a great read while it lasted. Now I don't want too go into any details about Heir to the Crown, because I don't want too get too spoiler for anybody. But I will share some bits of this fantastic book. Heir to the Crown starts from the very beginning where Of High Treason left off at, that I can just kick myself waiting so long too read this book. But I do remember some of the Of High Treason book to continue on reading Heir to the Crown. Doyle and his family along with his best friend Chuck who is like a brother too him, are trying to live a normal life while hiding from the government and from Edgar Bradbury. Everything was going great for them except for Chuck that turn into like a stalker at the beginning chapters, but I won't get into that because that is very spoiler you just have too find out by reading this book and see what I am talking about. But everything was going great for Doyle and his whole family until on Thanksgiving day Doyle got a visit from Phoenix who told him what his grandfather was planning too destroy the world for revenge on the government and Dr. Edgar Bradbury. And Phoenix said she needed Doyle help but she also said that the evil doctor Edgar Bradbury needed to work along side them in order to stop his grandfather destroying the world and seeking revenge. At first Doyle didn't want to work along side the evil doctor who is his worst enemy ever, but he had too think about his family, friends and the world. So Doyle had too think long and hard if he ever decided to work along side the evil doctor and the government that made his and his family life a living hell for all of them! Now I am going to stop here because I don't want to get too spoiler, but things starts getting down real crazy quick after that Thanksgiving diner for Doyle and his family including for Addy as well who was keeping a huge secret from Doyle. But everything worked out by the end of the book for everybody there was a few tragedies that I so didn't see coming, but all and all it was a very good solid ending and conclusion to an amazing book that I highly love and enjoy so much!

Ember Shane is the author of the new adult, paranormal romances included in The Doyle Hawthorne Series. She's currently working on her fourth book, title pending, which follows Jenny Hawthorne's story, tentatively scheduled to be released autumn 2017.

When she's not writing about things that go bump in the night, Ember can be found practicing her hot glue gun skills or searching for the holy grail of banana pudding recipes.

You can find her on the following social media sites:

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