Indie Author Spotlight: Maggie Jane Schuler

Friday, March 24, 2017

Hello lovelies welcome to a feature I am going to have on La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books that is called Indie Author Spotlight. Each month I will post an Indie Author Spotlight to help spread word about the works of the fantastic indie authors that are out there!

Today sixth installment and feature is Maggie Jane Schuler author of Resurrection

Maggie Jane Schuler

Author's Bio

Maggie Jane Schuler is a wife, mother of three almost-grown children, and teacher by day. While she has always loved to read, the thought of writing her own prose did not strike until she was in the middle of writing her Master’s Thesis. From that point on she was hooked. She Resides in Southern California. Besides the family and books, she loves baseball. Since the Dodgers, Angels, and Padres are all within a short distance, and the Giants and Athletics a nice weekend jaunt away, she’s got plenty of games to take in during the season. Additionally, she enjoys cooking, movies, the beach, and the local mountains. She’s most content being with her family engaged in whatever activity they have planned.

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Maggie Jane Schular New Book Release


By Maggie Jane Schuler

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Second Chance

Publication Date: March 10, 2017

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Author Interview

Q. Describe your book in ten words or less.

A. Second chance love after catastrophic tragedy.

Q. What draws you to this genre?

A. The draw to the genre are the deep emotional ties to the themes romance traditionally calls upon.

Q. Where do you get information or ideas for your book?

A. Most ideas have some rough root in life experience. Many times the ideas are mixtures between real life events and things I've dreamed about in the middle of the night.

Q. How do you select the names of your characters?

A. My lead characters names were chosen from names I'd considered for my children at one time or another and passed on.

Q. List your top 5 favorite authors or books.

A. John Grisham, George Orwell, E.B. White, John Steinbeck, Sloane Howell.

Q. What book/s are you reading at present?

A. Presently I am reading a YA series by E.L. Robinson "Robinson Crusoe 2244" and then picking up various romance novels too. I usually have a YA going because of my day job and a romance going to keep up with trends in the night job!

Q. What's next for you? What are you working on now?

A. I am working on my first project which started September of 2015. If everything goes right I should be ready to hit publish in late June.

Q. What advice do you have for writers?

A. Writing is organic and always changing. What you may like about your writing today may not be your favorite tomorrow. Changing and experimenting with your style is part of the organic nature of writing and you need to take those chances to continue to improve and develop as an writer.

Thank you so much Maggie Jane Schuler for your time and interview!

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