Review: Soulless Nights by Virginia Johnson

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Title: Soulless Nights
Series: ?
Author: Virginia Johnson
Genre: Adult, Suspense, Dark Romance
Published Date: February 3rd 2016
Format: e-book
Source: I received this book by the author in exchanged for an honest review.

WARNING: This book contains sex scenes of a graphic nature.
*Contains material that may be sensitive to some readers*

Deep in the city, where we've been taught to avoid the dark corners and alleys, monsters lurk within the fragile cracks of our human emotions, waiting for the chance to break in.
With the loss of his grandfather, William runs to the streets without family or the knowledge of wealth he's left behind. Spending years begging for food and money, William has learned the secrets that the city keeps hidden, making him one of the most versatile detectives the department has ever seen.
Losing the love of his life, with nothing more than a letter saying she's sorry and spending five years tracking her, William has learned that she has entered the world where sex and money can make you very successful or may very well kill you in the process.

Kathryn has spent seven years on the streets, leaving behind her addicted, abusive mother and her sexual predator boyfriends. William proves to be the light she's been longing for but when darkness shadows the truth she's left to return to the streets in hiding with fear of the lies she's faced with.
Kathryn must decide, work for Xander and sell her soul for sex, or face the demons of her past and hope William understands she has never forgotten him.
*** I received this book by the author in exchanged for an honest review. Thank you too Virginia Johnson for the Opportunity too read and review Soulless Night! ***

Soulless Nights contains graphic sex scenes if this is not your kind of book I say don't read it. Now a couple of years ago I would of probably would say that Soulless Nights is not my kind of book, but I really started too get into dark romance this year and I really loved and enjoyed them. And Soulless Nights is no different. In the beginning of the story starts off by Kathryn running away from her drug addicted, abusive mother and her terrible life behind and starts leaving on the streets. Past seven years ahead there is a undercover cop name William who is going undercover as a homeless man trying in vain too find Kathryn the love of his life. Kathryn left him five years ago with a letter saying she's sorry and walk out on him. Now William has been spending five years tracking her down because he knows there's monsters who lurks in the dark streets and every coner looking for woman just like Kathryn too work in dirty jobs. And William is really afraid that Kathryn would get involved in that world again. But when he finally received news about Kathryn and he finally knows where she is at his worst fears comes true and he would do anything or even killed anybody too get her back in his life again. I was really hooked from the very beginning until the very end, now I was a little confuse in the middle part for a bit but than I got used to it and I flow by reading Soulless Nights. It really is a quick read that flows quite well. I was really intrigued with all the characters especially with William I wanted too know in what length would he go too get Kathryn back. And he most definitely goes in deep length too get her back I won't say what he does because spoiler but he does everything that he has too do to safe Kathryn. Now I am very curious about Xander we don't get too know a lot about the mysterious Xander until we learn a little bit about him at the very end of Soulless Night. Which I hope there is a sequel because I really want too learn and know more about Xander and what happens too William and Kat next! Overall I really did love and enjoy Soulless Nights that I hope there is a sequel in the making because if there is a sequel I will most definitely check it out! 

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