Review: Monte (The Lure of Corruption Book 1) by Kyle Perkins & Lila Vale

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Title:  Monte
Series: The Lure of Corruption Book 1
Author:  Kyle Perkins &  Lila Vale
Genre: Adult, Dark Erotica
Published Date: February 15th 2016
Format: e-book
Source: I received this book by the author in exchanged for an honest review.
Trigger Warning: this is a dark erotic novella that contains scenes of a graphic nature that may be offensive to some readers. Please be aware of this and continue at your own risk.

A realist through-and-through, Victoria Wyric lives a practical life; she has no patience for the whimsical. Her friends are believers, however, and they plan a night of clumsy attempts to summon the supernatural in order to prove the naysayer wrong. She begrudgingly attends, if only to laugh at their foolishness.
That night, a mysterious, silver-tongued stranger shows up out of nowhere. An apex predator, he is as captivating as he is dangerous, and his sights are set on Victoria. In the course of an evening, everything she thinks she knows is thrown out the window.
Lured into the game of an unforgiving master, she quickly learns there is no such thing as harmless fun when it comes to the otherworldly.
*** I received Monte by the authors in exchanged for an honest review. Thank you so much too Kyle Perkins & Lila Vale ***

I decided too expand my horizon with books Monte is the very first dark erotica book I have ever read. Now I know this genre is not for everybody and honestly I thought I would not like this genre either, but I absolutely love and enjoyed Monte so much I didn't want too stop reading it. Now I will warn you there are some scenes that are graphic in nature and yes maybe it can be very uncomfortable for some readers. But other than that I couldn't put this book down the very beginning pull me in from the start until the very end that I wanted too read more after that cliffhanger ending. But I am glad and happy too hear that Monte is part of a series and more books are coming out. Because I tell you I need too know and learn more about and what happens too Monte & Victoria next. I absolutely love the plot that was dark and mysterious that had me turning the pages in my kindle too see what happens next. The writing style was expository and descriptive that I totally love the description of the hot steamy scenes. That my whole face and ears was red as an apple, that I had to put the book down for a while. And the characters was very well rounded and dynamic characters that I couldn't get enough of reading about them. Even though probably one of the main characters could be a antagonist but I won't say who it is, because spoiler. You just have too read and find out who I am writing about believe me you won't regret it. Now I can't wait and get my hands to read the next book hopefully soon!
Kyle Perkins
Kyle Perkins is an author living in Tampa Florida.
Lila Vale  
I grew up in a semi-rural town in Florida, I've always been an avid reader and writer - though I didn't have the cojones to publish anything before now - and I am a huge fan of wasting time on the internet. I've been a waitress, a secretary, I've worked retail and I've done manual labor... all of which paid much better than hustling as an indie author, but were nowhere near as rewarding. I am in love with my life as a writer and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll eat ramen every day for the rest of my life if I means I get to keep telling stories!

My debut book in the publishing world is Monte, a dark erotic novella. I plan to continue with all sorts of tales in many different genres, both novellas/shorts and full length novels. They'll all contain a decent amount of steamy stuff, because I love to read and write it!                

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