Indie Author Spotlight: Tanya Holmes

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hello lovelies welcome to a new feature I am going to have on La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books that is called Indie Author Spotlight. Each month I will post an Indie Author Spotlight to help spread word about the works of the fantastic indie authors that are out there. 
Today third installment and feature is Tanya Holmes author of  The Darkest Frost: Volume 1 (TDF #1) & The Darkest Frost: Volume 2 (TDF #2)
Tanya Holmes
About The Author:
Amazon Bestselling Author Tanya Holmes is a Golden Leaf double-finalist, a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist, a recipient of the Maggie Award, the MICA Award, as well as Overall Winner of the Sandy Haddad Award and a two-time finalist and one-time winner of The Emily (Best of the Best). She's happily married with children and loves reading, writing and a good cup of coffee---but not necessarily in that order. She has two novels out in 2015: The Darkest Frost, a two-part Gothic paranormal serial romance with a twist, and in 2016, Temptation's Edge, a contemporary romance.
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Tanya Holmes Book/s:
The Darkest Frost: Volume 1 (TDF #1)
GENRE: A Gothic paranormal romance with a twist.
CLIFFHANGER: **YES** This is a two-part serial.

When the ghost of her best friend begs for her help, psychic detective Denieve Knight goes undercover as a live-in domestic to catch a killer. She sets her sights on the most likely suspect: her friend’s mysterious employer, Doctor Braeden Frost.

Dubbed "Dr. Death" by the press, the notorious hematologist is linked to nineteen other suspicious fatalities—all are former patients. The brooding recluse is a man of many secrets, the darkest of which may be lurking beneath the leather gloves he never removes.
Other Books By Tanya Holmes
Purchase Links:
The Darkest Frost, Volume 1: Amazon

The Darkest Frost, Volume 2: Amazon

Author Interview:
1. Describe your book in ten words or less. A Gothic paranormal romance with a twist.

2. What genre is your book?

It’s a hybrid, really: Romance, Gothic, paranormal, urban fantasy, mystery, suspense. Oh, and there’s just a dash of insanity as well—or so I’ve been told. :-)

3. What draws you to this genre?

The sky’s the limit.  Novelists are given much freedom in the creation process with fiction, but paranormal romance writers are at a huge advantage because we can make up own laws of nature. Gravity isn’t an issue for us. Neither is life or death. With paranormal romance, life and death are what we make of them since both are subject to the author’s imagination. However, there’s a catch. You have to stay true to the laws of the universe you create.

4. Where do you get information or ideas for your book?

My imagination combined with environmental influences, the arts, just everything. Writers are figurative sponges. We observe and absorb, then it all explodes on the page.

5. When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

At 13. However, I didn’t know what ‘type’ of writer I’d end up being. I started with poetry. Journalism after that, but in the end, I gravitated toward fiction. I didn’t like the limitations of news reporting. Although I got my creative outlet with feature writing, it wasn’t enough. So later on, I joined RWA (Romance Writers of America) and honed my craft there. My RWA membership was one of the best decisions I ever made. I’m no longer in RWA, but I have nothing but gratitude for the organization. I met a lot of wonderful people, and learned a great deal.

6. Do you write full-time or part-time?

I’d say it’s a mixture of both.

7. Do you have any favorite authors or favorite books?

I can’t name a favorite novel. There are just too many to mention as you’ll see from my list of favorite authors. :-) In romance it’s LaVyrle Spencer, Sandra Brown, Diana Gabaldon, Karen Marie Moning, Anne Stuart, Jeaniene Frost, Maggie Shayne,  J.M. Darhower, SEP (and TONS of others), as well as some horror novelists like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, and Richard Matheson. The latter is the only science fiction author I read. I don’t like sci-fi, but Matheson’s stories have such cool spins on them that I forget I’m reading sci-fi. And I guess that’s because his books include a little bit of everything in them:  horror, mystery, sci-fi, paranormal, time travel, romance… He was the author of Bid Time Return, which was later made into Somewhere In Time starring Christopher Reeve.

8. What book/s are you reading at present?

It’s a re-read actually. Jane Eyre.

9. What's next for you? What are you working on now?

I’m working on Temptation’s Edge which features Trace Dawson’s baby brother Coltrane. He suffers from schizoaffective disorder. The story is just a basic contemporary romance. Well, okay, my books have a tendency to evolve, so I’ll say, “As of today, it’s just a basic contemporary romance.” :-)

10. What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer that question?

To be honest, Katiria, I’m horrible at these things, so I find myself looking for the last question so I can be done. LOL  Sorry, but I’ve never been good at interviews. :-)
Thank you so much Tanya for your time and interview!



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