That's What He Said Thursday #9 - Crux by Julie Reece

Thursday, July 16, 2015

That's What He Said Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Chapter Break every Thursday posted a favorite line for your book boyfriend to his heroine. Come in and join the fun!


By Julie Reece

Here Are My Favorite Lines For This Week:

"I hate you, too Bird," he says, voice soft. "More than you will ever know."

My eyebrows shoot up, and I lift up on one elbow. "You do?"

"Very definitely." He's smiling. 

"Oh. Um . . . and there's nothing I can do or say to make you change you mind?"

"Nope." He crosses his arms over his chest."

"What if I tell you I'll jump off the roof of the Weston Peachtree? Splat!"

"I'll remind you it's not much motivation." "Consider you fly."


Grey Mathews Too Rebecca "Birdie" Orin

I really love and enjoy the whitty and sarcastic humor that Grey and Birdie have.  As you can see here on my favorite lines. They don't actually hate each other. Grey and Birdie are actually madly in love with each other but are to scare to admit it to each other so they both cover there feelings with humor like you see here. But they both know each other true feelings when they are joking around.


  1. Sarcasm and banter are fun quotes :) thanks for linking up.

  2. They sound like a funny duet! Awesome pick ;)

    Here is my link:

  3. Ha! I love that line.. "not much motivation, considering you fly." :) Sounds like a fun series. :)