Review: The Grow by Lindsay R. Mohlere

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Grow

Author: Lindsay R. Mohlere

Genre: Adult, Crime, Thriller

Published Date: March 3, 2015 by Smashwords Edition

Format: Paperback

Source: I received it by the author

Rating: 4/5


He’s a short dude with a big idea – a skillful thief among thieves. And this time, Billy “Mouse” Morrison is plotting his greatest heist yet. The goods? A mother lode of Mexican cartel marijuana, planted deep within the hidden canyons of Oregon’s Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.
Days after briefing his crew, Mouse is brutally and mysteriously beaten to death. Now his associates are left wondering—but when you’re in the business of stealing from other thieves, the list of suspects becomes long and dangerous, and there’s no saying who had it in for Mouse.
When Mouse’s compadres Luzon Marino and Bob Creek decide to follow through on their own—now in uneasy alliance with fence Gus Steiner and his violent, sadistic boyfriend Omar—loyalties waver, emotions run hot, and the gang slips into the crosshairs of powerful adversaries.
A gritty, fast-paced tale ripped straight from the headlines, The Grow is a dark and suspenseful look at the perils of illegal outdoor marijuana grow operations and the lifestyles of 21st century career criminals.

My Thoughts

I received this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank You Too Lindsay Mohlere

Ok ok I have to say first that this awesome book The Grow is really not a book that I tend to read. I really don't read this kind of genre. But when the author Lindsay contact me to read and review his book and send me the synopsis of his book. It really intrigued and peeked my curiosity a whole lot even though the genre of the book is not what I am used too read. But I decided to give it a shot and holy cow what an awesome book The Grow was for me. I really loved and enjoyed reading The Grow that it really surprised me that I enjoyed it so much. The beginning of the book was a tad bit of slow for me and I really didn't like the characters Mouse and Luz that much. Because there were hard time drug criminals , pieces of s*#t of men, and low life's thives. But the thing is I really loved and enjoyed reading about them and how they lived there drug induce life and how they work there criminal lifes. I don't know why I loved reading about there lives so much but I really did love reading into the minds of hard drug thiving criminal in Mouse and Luz. Lindsay wrote it absolutely perfect and nailed it on the head writing about Luz and Mouse that there are excactly how hard drug criminals would act. But my favorite character he wrote about was good old cowboy Creek, Creek was really the good guy who got involved with the wrong crowd because he was loyal to the t with his new friends Mouse and Luz and he has a pure kind heart. But at the end he know what was the right thing to do and I absolutely loved him for that. Now I am not going to say what was the right thing he did to straighten his life out, because I don't want to spoil it for anybody you just have to read The Grow to find out what I am talking about. Trust me you won't regret it. Now there are other characters pov's in The Grow that I really enjoyed reading about and some I really didn't like reading about. Especially the pov's of Gus and his sexual perverse criminal boyfriend Omar. Like whoa I really didn't like reading there pov's because there were bad news from the very beginning when I started reading about them just no. Now here is where I am going to leave it off at. Now I would recommend this book if you into crime and reading about hard drug criminals and some non-likable characters in the drug world I suggest reading The Grow. Now there are some triggers in this book like Drug and Alcohol abuse if you can't handle that than this book is not for you. But other than that I really loved and enjoyed reading the Grow that I am glad and happy that I gave it a chance. Until Next Time My Friends!

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About The Author

Born in Spokane, Washington and raised in Montana, Idaho and Oregon, Lindsay R. Mohlere has been at various times a poet, a journalist, railroad gandy dancer and conductor, able bodied seaman, husband a few times, restaurant chef, house painter, advertising entrepreneur, boxing referee, photographer, fisherman and hunter.
His short fiction has appeared in several outdoor magazines, including Gun Dog Magazine, The Upland Almanac, and the Sportsmen’s News, with a recent short story accepted by Gray’s Sporting Journal. Currently, he resides in Portland Oregon, a city he finds nearly too weird.

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