Double Release Day Blitz: Fight For Her & The Liger Treaty by Amanda Kay

Friday, May 8, 2015

Author Amanda Kay has decided to celebrate her 30th birthday with a big celebration, by releasing not one BUT TWO standalone books!! Each book is on sale for ONLY $0.99 each! With 25% of the profits going to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital!!! Make sure you go one-click and join the birthday celebration on Facebook

(A Paranormal/Fantasy Western Romance):
 Keila Sommer is a little different. Well, actually a lot different. She is a Unicorn. In the city of Bison, South Dakota, she feels alone with her secret until Woodrow Drake rolls into town. To Keila, it feels like the stars align because the day she meets him is her twenty-second birthday.

Woodrow Drake is looking for a place to settle down. He closes his eyes and points to a map. His finger lands on Bison, South Dakota and he doesn’t blink an eye, he just takes off. The first person he meets is Keila Sommer and she’s drop dead gorgeous. Woodrow is attracted to her, but also quiet. They quickly become friends and although he wants more, he’s sure she doesn’t. When he returns to Bison after leaving for a family emergency, every cowboy in town is lined at Keila’s door and she’s going on many dates.

Keila wants Woodrow, but he only seems to want a friendship, so she entertains the guys who are only interested in her for her secret. A secret no one was supposed to know about. A secret she wants to hide from Woodrow.

Can Keila and Woodrow find their way to each other before she just settles for the average alpha cowboy? When her secret comes out, will Woodrow stick around? Only time will tell how things will go down in the west.

 (A Paranormal/Fantasy Romance):  RUN RUN RUN
Danger lurks around every corner...

Naila is about to become Queen of her Liger Tribe...

She must marry and her father has selected her mate. The problem with his selection is that Naila is in love with someone else.

Brave and strong, the heir to his tribe's throne. A throne he can't possibly take. Not if there is hope for him and Naila.

How do you form an un-breakable bond? You fall in love, but is love really enough?


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