Thursday Quotables # 6 - Brightest Kind Of Darkness ( Brightest Kind Of Darkness # 1 ) by P.T. Michelle

Thursday, April 16, 2015

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Brightest Kind Of Darkness ( Brightest Kind Of Darkness # 1 ) 

Author: P.T. Michelle

Published Date: June 27, 2011 by Patrice Michelle

Here Are My Quotes For This Week:

" My vision blurred and I stumbled forward, My feet heavy weights dragging across the asphalt. Falling against the building, I pressed my cheek against the cool rough bricks and wheezed. I wasn't certain things would go right, but there was one truth I knew for sure. " I can't ignore this! " I whispered harshly. "

" In-ara. I've never heard that name before"
" The way my named rolled off his tongue, that deep baritone enunciating each syllable, made my stomach flutter and my heart thump. " My parents intentionally picked a rare name! " How lame was that? Why couldn't I have come up with some great philosophical reason? "

What do you think? Did the quotes catch your attention to continue to read? What are your Thursday Quotables for this week?


  1. The quotes make the book sounds like an adventure story with an unusual romance -- I like them! The cover is gorgeous. Nice pick!

    1. Thank you it is a really good book have a great weekend! :)